The TECH 5000 is as versatile as it is effective, with a 99.7% hole completion rate to prove it. Discover its many capabilities for yourself – lightweight, portable and deceptively powerful, it’s the one drill that provides predictable performance for all applications.

When it comes to choosing between bids, cost per metre is often an inaccurate measure of the cost you’ll ultimately pay, much less the results you can expect to achieve. At Hy-Tech, productivity and hole completion factor into why we ultimately deliver the best value for the dollar to our clients.


Our drill crews have extensive experience with the installation of Steel and Clappison Wedges to correct the hole direction for successful target intersections. Our commitment to innovate has led us to developing a solution that allows us to successfully install steel wedges with less rod pulling and less standby time for cement, which ultimately equals better value for our clients. We can successfully install wedges to depths of up to 2000 meters.


Our specialized crews are able to use Navi-Drilling mud motors successfully up to a depth of 900 meters, in turn steering our drill holes to targets depths of up to 1200 meters. While using the Navi drilling system, we can achieve up to 8 degrees deflection per 30 meters with only one rod pull and without the requirement for a second rod string or specialized pumping equipment.

Weights / Portability

Designed to complete the most remote of drilling programs, our portable drills are perfect for your next drilling program.

Load #ComponentsWeights (lbs)Weights (Kgs)
1Power Pack (dry)1247565.6
2Engine (wet)1220553.4
3Mast, cylinder, stinger, slide1202545.2
4Head, motor, saddle1160503.5
5Standard mud tank and water pump1055477.6
6Clamp, base and hydraulic tank968439.1
76000' Wire-line hoist1220413.7
8Fuel Tank (full)780353.8
Hy-Tech Drilling has delivered solid performance at all levels. HyTech delivers cost effective and high productivity deep-hole diamond drilling services with uncompromising technical excellence. HyTech demonstrates careful and reliable environmental practices and a strong health and safety culture, while maintaining proactive and efficient communication with the client. Their easy-to-access and user-friendly FieldView web portal makes drill program management as easy as possible and facilitates good decision making with accurate and up to date information.
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