Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values


Contribute to a better world while building
a sustainable and resilient business for our

By being the most innovative, capable  and accountable Diamond Drilling partner for the leading mining companies in the Americas and Europe, we enable our clients to reach critical minerals more quickly with less environmental impact. This supports global transition to a more sustainable future. We seek  win / win / win solutions for our people, our customers, and the communities we support.


Hy-Tech – Drilling for a Better World

Our diamond drilling equipment and services help the leading Global Mining Companies who need to identify, define and extract the minerals critical to meet global demand which are increasingly located in difficult to access and often deep subsurface deposits.

By providing light, durable drilling rigs, experienced crews, and the best in-field service & support in the industry we enable them to extract critical samples more safely, quickly, and with a much smaller environmental impact, enabling them to raise mission critical investment for their mines.

We provide Mining Companies with the best in-field support for drilling core samples in difficult to access terrain, with the highest core completion rate, highest uptime, unsurpassed safety and a commitment to find win / win / win solutions in real time.


By 2024, we will be the most preferred
diamond drilling partner for the world’s
top mining companies.

We will leverage our superior surface drilling performance in challenging environments to extend our reputation to underground drilling. We will focus on Canada, the US and strategic areas in South America and Western Europe where we will strive to build clusters of at least 10 Rigs, supporting our team members, clients and the communities where we work with career opportunities, respect and shared prosperity. By 2024, we will strive to be operating 62 Rigs (50% underground) plus an additional 15 Rigs through Hy-Tech Griffith, our strategic partnership in South America.


1.  Build win / win / win relationships with the leading global mining companies and strategic partners we select to work with, in challenging, high value terrains where our skills are unmatched and our value add is the greatest.

2.  Identify and build the best team in the industry supported by robust & scalable management system and tools

3.  Leverage our combined expertise to constantly innovate & improve

4.  Execute flawlessly on our key business initiatives:

  • Build a leading presence in year-round underground drilling in the regions we concentrate
  • Expand presence in BC, Saskatchewan and globally through strategic partnerships with Tahltan Nations, Northwest Communities Management Co. and other indigenous groups.
  • Utilize the joint venture model to extend our presence to strategic areas in South America.
  • Leverage our experience and skills to become  a leader in strategically selected regions in the US
  • Build long term contracts with European talent to fully utilize our European infrastructure
  • Build a leading presence in critical new technologies including Directional drilling, water reduction and solid waste management ,electric rigs, and automation to increase efficient use of scarce labour.


  • Value our employees
  • Believe in team strength and effectiveness
  • Culture of integrity, dependability, trust, and mutual respect
  • Embed safety in everything we do
  • Respect the environment and stakeholders
  • Commit to continuous improvement
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