The go-to partner for education and training.

Hy-Tech Drilling is committed to providing the highest level of expertise and training to our customers, future employees, First Nations and the mining industry at large – always looking ahead to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

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Providing a mix of classroom and practical training for a hand-picked group of potential Driller’s Helpers, ours is easily one of the most well-developed and company specific courses in the industry.

We offer two types of Driller’s Helper Courses:

6-Day Course

This option involves a total of 6 days (3 days at a shop location, 1 day of travel, 2 days at a drill site location). After the course is complete, the Recruit starts work at the drill site right away. 6-day courses run throughout the year and are ideal for Recruits without prior drilling experience.

Participants in both versions of the Driller’s Helper Course go through the Hiring Process before they begin training, and they are compensated for all training time spent in either course.

7-Day Course

This option involves 7 days at the Smither’s Shop location. It usually takes place during the month of May with 2 groups comprised of 6 students each.