After a contractor failed to complete any drill holes in a critical target area at Denison’s Wheeler River Project in Saskatchewan, Hy-Tech Drilling was given an opportunity to work on this project in 2009.

Realizing that this job had significant challenges with the overburden and some of the sandstone horizons at depth, we arrived with the best tooling and mud systems available to begin drilling. Our drill crews and foreman came up with a drilling additive combination that allowed them to penetrate all of the problem horizons on the property, and we successfully completed 45 drill holes to the target depth. In the process, Denison was able to make a new discovery in an area that had been previously drilled by several contractors – none of whom had ever made it to target depth.

Denison Mines Corp. has been drilling approximately 30,000 metres each year since 2009, and has discovered three additional zones of significant uranium mineralization. Hy-Tech has been able to complete 99% of all these drill holes to the target depth, and we continue to ensure that Denison gets all the information they require to move this project forward.